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Chrome UI is a colossal miss

by on31 December 2018

Users fume

Google's new Chrome UI appears to be a colossal miss and users are fuming.

Usually when software changes its interface someone gets hacked off – people generally don't like change. However the new Chrome user interface style, which was aimed to improve life for mobile users is looking like a spectacular fail.

Officially rolled out in September this year, with the release of Chrome version 69, users started voicing their discontent from day one. Those users who didn't appreciate the new lighter-toned Chrome interface had the option to visit the chrome://flags page and modify a Chrome setting and continue using Chrome's older UI.

With Chrome version 71, released earlier this month, Google has removed the Chrome flag that allowed users to use the old UI. The fact is that Chrome's new UI might have been developed with a mobile-first approach in mind, but the UI is problematic on laptops and desktops.  You need good vision to distinguish tabs from one another, especially when users open multiple tabs. Since being able to distinguish and switch between lots of tabs at a fast pace is an important detail in most of today's internet based jobs, many users have been having trouble adapting to the new UI both at work and at home.


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