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Google's flashy new office has rubbish Wi-Fi

by on11 March 2024

Networking, they have heard of it

Google, the online giant run by billionaire Larry Page, has a new office building that looks the business, but has a Wi-Fi service that's pants.

Reuters has rumbled the company, who spoke to six people who know the score. They said the building's comfy workspaces are useless for staff with laptops, who must plug into cables to get online. Some use their phones instead.

Google has bigged up the new building and its campus in a 229-page book, showing off its fancy features, such as "Googley interiors" and "an environment where everyone has the tools they need to be successful."

But, a Google spokeswoman admitted that the company had Wi-Fi connectivity issues in Bay View.

She said Google "made several improvements to address the issue," and the company hoped to have a fix in the coming weeks.

One AI engineer who works in the building and some ad people said the dodgy Wi-Fi was no good for Google's plan to get staff back in the office for three days a week. He said:

"You'd think the world's leading internet company would have worked this out."

Bosses have told workers to go outside or sit at the nearby cafe, where the Wi-Fi is better. Some recently got new laptops with stronger Wi-Fi chips.

Google has not said why the Wi-Fi is so bad, but workers reckon it's because of the building's 600,000-square-foot roof, which has a wavy design that sucks up broadband like the Bermuda Triangle.


Last modified on 12 March 2024
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