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Chrome goes native on Arm

by on27 March 2024

Now, all roads lead to Chrome 

In alliance with Qualcomm, Google claims to have turbocharged the browsing experience for Windows on ARM users. The tech behemoth has rolled out an ARM-optimised iteration of its Chrome browser, promising a zippier and more seamless online experience.

The official release comes two months after an early browser version was spotted in Chrome’s Canary channel. Qualcomm says the release “will roll out starting today.”

This strategic move is a game-changer for users who've been tethered to the sluggish, emulated x64 Chrome version. Now, they can revel in the speed and efficiency of a browser that speaks directly to their ARM hardware.

The timing is impeccable as Qualcomm preps to unveil its Snapdragon X Elite processors, poised to redefine performance benchmarks this summer. While Google's ARM-friendly Chrome vows compatibility across the board, it's Qualcomm's silicon that's currently steering the Windows on ARM ship.

Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer said Qualcomm's partnership was a testament to its commitment to delivering top-tier browsing experiences on ARM-compatible PCs.

Google isn't new to the ARM scene. It has previously embraced Apple's ARM-based Macs and has been a long-time proponent of ARM architecture in Chromebooks running ChromeOS. Yet, the introduction of a native ARM Chrome version for Windows heralds a pivotal moment, potentially catalysing a full-scale ARM adoption in upcoming consumer-focused Surface devices.


Last modified on 27 March 2024
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