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New zero day Flash bug in the wild

by on02 February 2018

A present from best Korea

South Korean authorities have issued a warning regarding a brand new Flash zero day exploit has been deployed in the wild after being written by the glorious North Korean leader and Apple fanboy Kim Jong-un. 

According to a security alert issued by the South Korean Computer Emergency Response Team (KR-CERT), the zero day affects Flash Player installs and earlier. Flash is the current Flash version number.

"An attacker can persuade users to open Microsoft Office documents, web pages, spam e-mails, etc. that contain Flash files that distribute the malicious [Flash] code", KR-CERT said. The malicious code is believed to be a Flash SWF file embedded in MS Word documents.

Hauri security researcher Simon Choi said the zero day exploit has been made and deployed by North Korean threat actors and used since mid-November 2017.

Choi says attackers are trying to infect South Koreans researching North Korea. Adobe said it plans to patch this zero day nuisance on Monday, February 5.

Last modified on 02 February 2018
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