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Bloke who married his computer sues Alabama

by on08 September 2017

Recognise my love

A man who claims to have married his computer in New Mexico has sued the state of Alabama for refusing to recognise the marriage.

Chris Sevier describes his sexual orientation as "machinist" and apparently has declared a legal war on the US having filed similar lawsuits in Texas, Utah and Colorado seeking to force a baker to make a wedding cake for him and his computer "bride".

Sevier filed a federal lawsuit in Alabama's Northern District on Aug. 31 alleging his rights, along with the rights of individuals his complaint identifies as "an ex-gay" and "an ex-transgender", were violated by Gov. Kay Ivey, Attorney General Steve Marshall and Blount County Probate Judge Chris Green.

We are not sure what type of computer Sevier has wanted to settle down with. In the filing, he claimed he "married an object in New Mexico with female like features" and we are not familiar with a model that looks like that. We also do not know what sort of computer can inspire that sort of love.  Apple users can't marry their computers because their religion means they have to upgrade a year later.

Sevier wants the court to either recognise the union or issue him a new marriage licence. "Defendant Judge Chris Green issues marriage licenses to individuals who self-identify as homosexual, but he refuses to issue marriage licences to zoophiles, machinists, and polygamists licence on a basis that can only be described as procedurally arbitrary", the complaint states.

The other plaintiffs, John Gunter Jr., Whitney Kohl and Joan Grace Harley, described as polygamists, were denied a licence, the suit states, as the three attempted to marry each other.

While Green's office began issuing same-sex marriage licenses after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, state law does not grant him the authority to issue polygamist licenses or marriage licenses for people seeking to wed an "inanimate object" he said.

Ivey and Marshall, the complaint states, violated the plaintiff's constitutional rights by giving "special treatment" to gays and lesbians but not polygamists or "machinists".

Sevier, a former Tennessee lawyer, was previously charged with stalking and harassing both country star John Rich and a 17-year-old girl and also pushed for pornography taxes in 13 states.


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