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Assange rushes to defend Trump staring into the sun

by on22 August 2017

Claims it is perfectly safe to look at the sun

While the press was mocking Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump’s antics of staring straight at the sun during the solar eclipse, he had the support of Wikileak’s Julian (look at me) Assange.

Trump hit the headlines yesterday when pictures of him appeared staring at the solar eclipse without safety glasses. But Assange felt it was important to tell the world that the man who he helped get elected was not as stupid as it seemed.


Assange tweeted: “There’s no danger staring directly at the moon during a total eclipse. Before/after, the moon only partly covers the sun = usual sun danger.”

He added: “You look away when you see it ending. Eyes also move to protect themselves.”

Assange added that it was all a conspiracy by glasses companies to increase their profits during the solar eclipse.

While it seems to us that those who take their medical advice from Assange rather than NASA deserve to be blinded, it is worthwhile pointing out that while it is technically true that it is almost safe to look at the sun during a total eclipse most people in the US did not see a totality.

For example New York saw 72 percent of the sun and because so much of the sun is covered during a partial eclipse, one’s eyes may not “move to protect themselves”. Instead, the sun will dim enough that one could get fooled into staring at it, even while it fried the interior of their retinas.

NASA said that you should use protective glasses or other equipment during a total solar eclipse because as the moon moves in front of the sun, it’s very difficult to determine the exact window of time someone might have to look at it.

Again, since the vast majority of people are not in the path of the totality — though may believe they are, especially if they’re close to it — it’s really, really for the best that everyone just wears the damn safety glasses.

But then again Assange is not exactly an expert when it comes to safety. He has been hiding in an embassy for ages because he thinks that he does not need to wear a condom while his unfortunate female partners disagreed.


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