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Nigerian man "arrested" for Phishing hack

by on20 December 2016

Send your bank account details as Los Angeles County takes the phish

Los Angeles County was a little embarrassed when its training exercise revealed that its staff opened one in ten phishing emails.

This means that the County expects that after a recent phishing attack more than 756,000 individuals would have lost personal data. In May 13, 2016 more than 1,000 County employees received phishing emails and 108 employees opened them.

A Nigerian national has been charged as a result of the hack. Kelvin Onaghinor, 37, faces nine counts, including unauthorized computer access and identity theft, according to the office of the Los Angeles County chief executive. He has not been arrested and it is unclear if he is on US soil.

Authorities are searching for more suspects in the hack, which occurred in May when a phishing email deceived 108 county employees into providing usernames and passwords.

Some employees, according to officials, had “confidential client/patient information” in their email accounts through their county responsibilities.

A forensic examination found that about 756,000 individuals could have been affected through their contact with several departments.

Onaghinor faces 13 years in state prison if convicted, or indeed found. We guess his name will live on in letters from other spammers offering to share the millions he has made to those who hand over their bank accounts.

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