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Most Firefox users are on Windows 7 laggards

by on20 December 2016

Once you guys were cutting edge

Most Firefox users are the types who are still Windows 7 hold outs and are refusing to upgrade to Windows 10, according to a new survey.

The Firefox Hardware Report published recently by Mozilla shows that Windows 7 is the number one operating system for users running the company’s browser, with a share of 44.86 percent, followed by Windows 10 with 25.67 percent.

The figures are being touted as a way of saying that Vole is having a hard time getting people to upgrade, but it might also be saying something else about Firefox users.

Windows 7 tends to remain on computers which do not see a lot of action or are in companies which are dangerously backward. Windows 7 has not been updated for a while now and is a security nightmare waiting to happen.

The fact these same machines have Firefox means that the browser has gone from being the cutting edge browser of those tech whizzes who deeply suspect Microsoft in the post-Netscape wars, to the browser of choice of tech laggards who don’t really care about security.

Even more worrying from the figures is that these Firefox users are also holding out on Windows XP. This operating system is still running on 10.36 percent of computers where Firefox is installed.

Support for Windows XP came to an end in August 2014, and Microsoft urged everyone to update to a newer version of Windows ever since, but there still are users who prefer to stick with the 15YO platform.

Last modified on 20 December 2016
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