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South Korean gamer killed son

by on24 December 2010

Computer game addiction
A South Korean mother has been charged with killing her three-year-old son while she was tired from marathon internet game-playing.

The case is another where Internet games addiction has been highlighted as the cause. The 27 year old woman, identified as “Kim”, 27, played online games for about 10 hours a day.

Coppers said her house was like a rubbish site because she was a gaming addict. She beat the three-year-old and strangled him after he disturbed her by having a Nintendo on the floor.

She was cross because she was about to sleep after playing online games for four hours in the morning. The woman left the boy's body in the house for three days and her in-laws reported the death to police.

She mostly played online card games and liked raising virtual pets, the coppers said.

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