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Groklaw to close

by on11 April 2011

SCO killer is calling time
The website which was responsible for bringing down the anti-Linux bad-boy SCO has decided to call it a day.
Groklaw has said that it will shut shop on May 16 of this year.

Author, PJ played a crucial role in the SCO case and uncovered several pieces of important evidence in the case. Things got so bad that SCO targetted her on a more personal level and set its tame journalists on her to find dirt.
SCO came quite close to claiming that it controlled Linux and had started to sue people who did not buy its licences.
On the site PJ said that no matter what happens next, she knew that Groklaw changed the course of history and not many people get the chance to say that.

“I never expected it, frankly, and I am grinning just thinking about how much fun we've had doing it... our work will be available for historians permanently, so the impact we had isn't over today, and someday we'll tell our grandkids that we were part of this, part of Groklaw. We are in the history books.”

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