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No rescue for City of Heroes

by on04 October 2012

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Game will close November 30th

There will be no last-minute rescue for the NCsoft City of Heroes MMO, despite players’ last-ditch efforts to force NCsoft to reconsider its decision to shut down the MMO.

NCsoft acknowledges that they have heard player’s voices and the concerns over the game being shut down. According to NCsoft, every option was explored and a number of things were taken into consideration before the decision was made to close both Paragon Studios and to also shut down City of Heroes.

Options, such as selling Paragon and the City of Heroes intellectual property, were explored at great length; but no deals were able to be cut. The game, which lasted 8 years, has caused long-time players to feel sad and devastated, with many saying that they will boycott anything from NCsoft in the future. It is always difficult when it comes to this, but it is something that happens. As we wave goodbye to City of Heroes, we will remember the good times that we had.

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