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ADATA XPG shows handheld gaming Nia console with LPCAMM2 memory

by on09 June 2024

Computex 2024: Upgradability as a focus

ADATA brought a rather unique prototype of a handheld gaming console to the Computex 2024 show, which focuses on upgradability and has some other rather unique features. Called XPG Nia, the device is still in its early prototype stages, but so far, it looks pretty good.

The XPG Nia prototype had a display that can tilt upwards and, according to details coming from the show, it will heavily focus on upgradability, as users will have full access to both an M.2 SSD slot, but also be able to replace and/or upgrade RAM thanks to the use of LPCAMM2 modules. ADATA also plans to release 3D design files and pinout information, allowing customers to create their own 3D printed cases or other accessories, as well as reuse the motherboard once you are done with the console and print out a small PC case and use it as a mini-PC.

ADATA points out it is still too early to talk about the specs but they are looking into AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme, Ryzen 7 7840U, or Ryzen 7 8840U chip, as well as next-generation chips coming from AMD. Of course, it also means we probably won't see the XPG Nia before early next year.

ADATA is aiming at under-$600 price so hopefully, we'll hear more about it soon.

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