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LG to renew Google deal, build Nexus 5

by on03 May 2013

Another chance to get it right

A juicy rumour is coming out of Korea this morning. The Korea Times reports LG will build the next Nexus handset and develop its partnership with Google even further. 

LG’s cunning plan is apparently to broaden the partnership to smart TVs and future businesses, including wearable gear such as Google Glass. LG recently patented a new method of using head-mounted displays, and it could tip up in an “LG Glass” sometime in the future.

In addition, Google boss Larry Page visited Seoul last week and met LG Electronics CEO Koo Bon-joon to discuss “ways of improving their partnership.” This probably won’t go down well with Samsung, but then again Samsung built the previous two Nexus phones so it shouldn’t complain.

Hopefully the Nexus 5 launch will go smoother than the Nexus 4 launch, which was practically a disaster of epic proportions. No, seriously, it was. The launch event was called off after hurricane Sandy decided to veer off course and see The Book of Mormon on Broadway.

When it finally went on sale, the Nexus 4 faced massive shortages, which extended well into 2013.

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