LG shows off the world's first wireless see-through TV
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Handy fish tank replacement

LG revealed the OLED T, or as the firm calls it, "the first wireless transparent OLED TV", with 4K resolution and LG's wireless tech for sound and picture. 

LG develops 480Hz refresh rate monitor
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For gamers

LG says it developed a 27-inch OLED gaming monitor that can reach an incredibly high 480Hz refresh rate.

Liquid crystal has hit its peak
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R&D money spent on better things

Liquid crystal has hit its technological peak and companies like Samsung and LG are investing in R&D for different types of technology.

LG Display supplying high-end TV panels to Samsung
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Good deal for both 

LG Display will start supplying high-end TV panels to Samsung Electronic from as early as this quarter in a deal that would help both turn a profit.

LG shows off wireless telly
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Receives all audio and video signals wirelessly

During its CES 2023 press conference, LG showcased the world's first consumer television to offer 4K 120Hz video and audio transmitted wirelessly.

LG Display makes screens out of context lens material
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There is something in my eye

LG Display has shown off a thin, lightweight, stretchable, and twistable micro-LED screen which is made from the same silicon material as contact lenses.

LG telly creates sound “without speakers”
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When watching reality TV no one will hear you scream

LG Display debuted its new 97-inch OLED.EX TV panel which has an unusual approach to audio on OLED displays.

OLED EX is now out
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30 December 2021

OLED EX is now out

LG opens the box

LG has debuted OLED EX, the next generation of its OLED display technology.

LG surrenders to be part of the glorious Apple empire
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Will start flogging iPhones

LG will start selling iPhones and iPads in its South Korean stores this August -- mere months after the company quit making Android devices.

Samsung denies buying OLED from LG
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OLED is better

Samsung today has denied the months long rumours that it was planning to buy OLEDs with LG that have been circulating around the web.