LG releases more Velvet details
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Triple rear camera system for LG's latest SD765G-powered smartphone

LG has released a few more details about its upcoming mid-range Velvet smartphone which should be officially launched on May 7th, including a triple rear camera system, display, and battery details, as well as all four color options.

LG gives up on its G
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It just can't find the spot anymore

LG is ditching the "G" series branding on future smartphones.

LG Electronics pulls out of MWC over Kung Flu
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Wants to avoid international travel

LG Electronics is withdrawing from exhibiting and participating in MWC 2020 later this month in Barcelona, Spain over fears of the coronavirus knocking out its staff.

LG says its phones aren't going away
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Kwon Bong-seok has a cunning plan

Troubled LG claims to have a cunning plan to bring itself back into the mobile phone market.

GTI and Sensory accelerate biometrics by 4X
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Enhanced AI Biometric Access on Edge Devices

Gyrfalcon Technology inc, GTI announced a partnership with AI solution provider Sensory to deliver low latency, high reliability embedded, machine learning capabilities on edge devices.

LG launched phone powered by Gyrfalcon AI chip
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Updated: One big customer with LG Q70

Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is one of the hot names in AI startups, and the company managed to score a big customer for its AI chip.

Samsung and LG argue over what is 8K
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Ours is better than yours

Samsung and LG are clashing over the image quality of their 8K TVs, each claiming that their ultra-high-definition televisions are "the bestest" and the other smells of a Nintendo gaming system.

Qualcomm signs five year deal with LG
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Hatchet buried for now

Qualcomm has entered into a new five-year patent license agreement with LG Electronics to develop, manufacture and sell 3G, 4G and 5G smartphones.

Going 4K/UHD on a budget with LG 27UD58-B
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Review: Decent IPS monitor that will not break the bank

There are plenty of 4K/UHD monitors on the market and while gaming-oriented ones still carry a high price tag, you can still find a decent 3840x2160 resolution monitor without hurting your wallet. Coming with an AH-IPS panel, the LG 27UD58-B proves to be quite a surprise considering its price tag hits $350/€250.

Smartphones are giving way to smart feature phones
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At least in poorer countries

Millions of first-time internet consumers are ignoring the smartphone dream of Steve Jobs in favour of something that does the job better and cheaper.