LG telly creates sound “without speakers”
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When watching reality TV no one will hear you scream

LG Display debuted its new 97-inch OLED.EX TV panel which has an unusual approach to audio on OLED displays.

OLED EX is now out
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30 December 2021

OLED EX is now out

LG opens the box

LG has debuted OLED EX, the next generation of its OLED display technology.

LG surrenders to be part of the glorious Apple empire
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Will start flogging iPhones

LG will start selling iPhones and iPads in its South Korean stores this August -- mere months after the company quit making Android devices.

Samsung denies buying OLED from LG
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OLED is better

Samsung today has denied the months long rumours that it was planning to buy OLEDs with LG that have been circulating around the web.

LG is shutting down mobile phone business worldwide
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Stepping away from manufacturing and sales

LG has sent a press release and informed its belloved fans and customers that it plans to close its mobile business unit. The company wants to focus on growth sectors, including EVs, IoT, and B2B Solutions.

LG more likely to pull out of mobiles
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Rumours intensify

Rumours that LG Electronics may shutter its mobile communication business rather than sell it are gathering momentum.

LG to build batteries for Tesla
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Considering US and European production sites

LG's battery division is planning to build advanced battery cells for Tesla's electric vehicles in 2023 and is considering potential production sites in the US and Europe.

LG denies its Rollable has unfolded
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Not been put on hold

LG Electronics has told The Verge that the company’s phone with a resizable screen, the LG Rollable, has not been put on hold.

LG thinking of getting out of smartphones
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Competition too much

After losing around $4.5 billion over the past five years, LG is considering exiting the smartphone market in 2021.

Qualcomm Nuvia has acquisition automotive angle
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Analysis: General Motors, Renault, Bosh, Continental, and co.  

Automotive plays a vital role in the Nuvia deal. Nuvia has a data center chip that will tape out first, but what works in a data center can quickly be turned into an automotive chip. An Automotive/self-driving chip is nothing but a data center on wheels designed to be power-aware and process tremendous amounts of data from multiple sensors.