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Liquid crystal has hit its peak

by on16 June 2023

R&D money spent on better things

Liquid crystal has hit its technological peak and companies like Samsung and LG are investing in R&D for different types of technology.

R&D money is being spent on self-emissive displays like MicroLED, OLED, and backlight technology like Mini-LED.

To be fair LC is not bad, it is just as good as it is going to get and people are expecting more.  When we say “people” we are referring to those with more money than the normal riffraff. Vizio, TCL, Samsung, LG and Sony are still making a lot of cash by flogging low-cost LED-LCD TVs and LED-LCD monitors.

It is expected that this budget will continue to provide value for money for ages significantly as their prices drop further.  

According to Bob Raikes from Display Daily, the future is OLED development, although he admits that he has been saying that for a long time.

Manufacturers are working on QD-OLED panels for use in high-end Samsung and Sony TVs like the Samsung S95C OLED and Sony A95K OLED as well as the development of PHOLED panels that use a blue phosphorescent material that has a longer shelf life and can go brighter than the traditional organic material in OLED panels, he said.

Currently, the sexiest thing on the market is the LG G3 OLED which uses LG Display’s third-generation OLED META technology with micro-lens arrays.


Last modified on 16 June 2023
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