Google tells Texas judge to throw out anti-trust law suit
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No proof of doing someone wrong 

Alphabet's Google asked a federal judge to dismiss the majority of an antitrust lawsuit filed by Texas and other states that accused the search giant of abusing its dominance of the online advertising market.

Google NDA break California labour laws
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Used to silence whistleblowers

A California judge ruled this week that the confidentiality agreements Google requires its employees to sign are too broad and break the state's labour laws.

Apple and Google flogging pirated software
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Dragged into court

The maker of the popular game “PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" has launched a US lawsuit claiming that a Singapore-based company made rip-off versions of its game, and Apple and Google have refused to stop selling them.

Google expands in London
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Wants to hire 10,000 people

Google is seriously expanding its presence in London, snapping up the Central Saint Giles development next to Tottenham Court Road station for $1 billion as part of a plan to expand its UK workforce to 10,000 people.

Biden meets top tech firms
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Apparently they will help sort out Open source

The White House will meet executives from leading tech firms, including Google, Biggish Blue, Vole, Facebook, Jobs’ Mob, Oracle and Amazon.

Apple loses another chip expert
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It just can’t keep them

While the Tame Apple Press claims that Jobs’ Mob is about to replace Intel as the world’s top chip maker, the fruity cargo cult can’t keep experienced personnel.

Google losing Sonos cases
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Google Pixel phones and computers, Chromecasts, and Google speakers hit

Google is in a bit of trouble after it started losing patent technology claims made by Sonos.

Google shows off car unlocking
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With your phone

Google used the annual CES technology conference to showcase upcoming deeper ties among its devices and preview support for unlocking more cars with Android phones.

Facebook gives up on VR and AR OS
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Will lean on Google 

Facebook parent company Meta has stopped development of a new software operating system to power its virtual reality devices and upcoming augmented reality glasses.

Google pays Apple to stay out of search
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Class action calls for both companies to be broken up

A class-action lawsuit has been filed in California against Google, Apple and the CEOs of both tech giants for allegedly violating antitrust laws.