Google DeepMind creates new watermarking tool
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Labels if image has been made using AI

Google DeepMind has launched a new watermarking tool that labels whether images have been generated with AI. 

Google testing new features for Chrome OS
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Autocorrect, improved file search, and adaptive charging

Google has begun testing new features such as autocorrect, improved file search, and adaptive charging within the latest version of Chrome OS.

Universal Music Group and Google want to dig up dead pop stars with AI
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Keep cutting tracks long after the singer is dead

Universal Music Group and Google are considering developing a tool that people can use to create AI-generated music using popular artists' voices and melodies.

Google will face the music over search supremacy
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Judge allows the anti-trust case to go ahead

A federal judge said the Department of Justice's landmark case alleging Google's dominance over the online search business is anti-competitive can go ahead.

Chrome 115 rolls out with anti-cookie tools
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No other new features

Chrome 115 has been rolling out, and while it is short on new features, it has something to kill off tracking cookies.

Google pulls plug on AR glasses
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Will leave the ground to others 

While the Tame Apple Press thought that their favourite companies very late arrival onto the AR scene would spur others to "copy it" it would appear that one of the bigger players has decided to give up.

Google moans to FTC about Microsoft cloud
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Tweedledum and Tweedledee 

Google has formally filed a complaint to the US Federal Trade Commission, publicly alleging that Microsoft used its dominant position in enterprise software to push customers toward Vole's cloud services.

Google about to launch new Chromebooks
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Chromebook X targets new spec requirements

Google could be about to launch a new branding initiative for Chromebooks dubbed "Chromebook X."

DeepMind co-founder calls for a better Turing test for AI
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The old Turing test is not meaningful enough it needs to make money

DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman suggests chatbots like ChatGPT and Google Bard should be put through a "modern Turing test" where their ability to turn $100,000 into $1 million is evaluated to measure human-like intelligence.

Japan risks angering Google and Apple empires
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 Could be another Battle of Tsushima

A Japanese government panel has risked angering the mighty US tech giants Apple and Google by insisting that they compete fairly in the market.