Google delays Chrome upgrade
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Fall of Chrome

Google delayed in releasing its latest privacy stealing, ad blasting, video forcing feature browser and has just said sorry for any convenience this might cause.

Speech recognition systems understand white people
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They are more like us

Speech recognition systems from five of the world's biggest tech companies -- Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM and Microsoft -- make far fewer errors with users who are white than with users who are black.

Amazon and Google ramp up data gathering from speakers
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Smart speakers require continuous status-change updates from devices

Since 2019  smart speakers from Amazon, Google have been requiring continuous status-change updates from devices.

Google is putting out Amazon’s Fire
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Smart telly makers must agree to ignore Amazon

Amazon’s efforts to expand the Fire TV platform to smart TVs and cable set-top boxes have failed because Google has long prevented consumer electronics manufacturers from doing business with the online book seller.

Google clones Apple Touch using software
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Turns out it was not that hard to do after all

A new feature for Google's Pixel line of Android phones includes the ability to "firmly press" on the screen "to get more help from your apps more quickly" and the Tame Apple Press claims that it has ripped off the idea from their favourite cargo cult.

Developers moan that Google is not supporting Stadia
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Not paying enough to port games

Developers are moaning that Google Stadia hasn’t been a huge success because Google isn’t willing to spend the money to get more games on the platform.

UK to lose US data protection against Google antics
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Brexit means that Google can shift data to the US

Google is planning to move its British users’ accounts out of the control of European Union privacy regulators, placing them under US jurisdiction instead.

AMD puts 2nd Gen AMD EPYC on Google Compute
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N2D family of Cloudy Virtual Managers

AMD and Google Cloud announced the beta availability of N2D VMs on Google Compute Engine powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC processors.

Apple and Google slammed for playing monopoly
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Epic Games boss calls for industry action 

Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney opened a game event in Las Vegas by blasting the monopolistic practices of Google and Apple.

Google Pixel 4a could come with Snapdragon 730
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One of three phones coming from Google

According to the latest report, it appears that Google upcoming Pixel 4a smartphone will be based on Qualcomm's Snapdragon 730 SoC.