Apple staff concerned about Jobs' Mob monitoring
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We thought we didn't do that sort of thing

Apple's move to scan its cloud for kiddie porn has managed to upset Apple staff who are concerned that the outfit is breaking its own privacy policies.

Steve Jobs blocked Amazon Kindle purchases
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Antitrust inquiry into Apple's antics

According to a collection of internal emails recently released by lawmakers, as part of the House Judiciary Committee's antirust probe into Apple, a series of Amazon advertisements prompted Steve Jobs and Phil Schiller to block in-app purchases of Kindle books on iOS.

Space engineer revolts against Steve Jobs’ dream
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Creates a rotary mobile phone

Justine Haupt, 34, hates smartphones and has built her own with no LED screen, a clunky antenna and a rotary dial.

How the PC outlived Steve Jobs
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Even in Apple land

The Tame Apple Press, in its bid to push its favourite company, made a staggering claim – thanks to Steve Jobs and his iPad the PC was officially dead.

How Steve Jobs helped wipe out the planet
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Yearly product cycles caused carbon footprint to accelerate

When alien archaeologists comb through the wreckage of our dead planet they will be forced to conclude that the electronics industry decisions to market products that last a year before needing to be renewed was a key factor.

US Navy regrets following Jobs’ dream
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Touchscreens led to destroyer collision

The US Navy has worked out that using touchscreens to run its throttle and helm controls on its destroyers was a dumb idea.

How Steve Jobs killed off the British sex drive
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No sex please we are British

When Steve Jobs popularised smartphone technology he had no idea that he would be personally responsible for stopping British people from having sex.

Apple has slipped behind in new designs says Woz
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I wanna folding phone

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has complained that Jobs' Mob is falling behind in innovation.

Apple went to hell when Steve Jobs died
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Former engineer spins the beans

Apple turned against customers and its employees after the death of co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs; a fired Apple engineer claims in a lawsuit.

Why the “post-PC” era never happened
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Ever get the impression you have been lied to?

In 2007 Steve Jobs announced that humanity had entered the “post PC era” and that the world would be completely mobile.