Nvidia Shield upgrades software
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New features and strange quirks

The Nvidia Shield, which is still the best streaming device in the market, despite its price and age, has just announced a software update.

Nvidia Shield gets Android 9 update
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Experience upgrade 8.0 for 2015 and 2017 consoles

Nvidia original Shield TV, as well as the updated Shield TV 2017, have got an Experience upgrade 8.0 including Android 9.0 Pie.

Nvidia drops the Shield price
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Now down to $180

Nvidia has dropped the price of its Android set top box for gamers to a reasonable $180.

Nvidia Shield 5.1 software appears
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Spruces up 2015 and 2017 Shield console

Another day brings another OTA update for Shield 2015 and 2017 consoles and making the software "Shield Experience upgrade 5.1."

Shield 2015 just got Android 7
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Experience Upgrade 5.0.2

Nvidia started to roll out the Android 7, Experience Upgrade 5.0.2 for Shield 2015 Android TV customers, and everything Nvidia promised for the 2017 console, will find its way to the previous one.

Nvidia Shield TV 2015, Shield tablet to get Android 7
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But might take same time

Nvidia has released its Shield Android TV 2017 and people got to see a lot of software improvement as well as Android 7 support. 

Nvidia Shield Console pics leaked
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Wow.... it looks like a console

Pictures of Nvidia’s new Shield Console have been leaked a few weeks before CES.

Nvidia could be updating its Shield
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FCC filing appears

Nvidia might be getting ready to launch a new Shield Android TV console later this year.

New Nvidia Shield on the way
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Nvidia’s tablet gets FCC thumbs up

A new unannounced NVIDIA tablet passed has passed through the FCC process.

US Nuclear shield out-of-date
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Matthew Broderick might still have the gear to hack it

After decades, the US Defense Department is still using  eight inch floppy disks in a computer system that coordinates the operational functions of the nation's nuclear forces.