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Nvidia's Shield gets big update

by on02 November 2022

New power controls and bug fixes  

Nvidia Shield TV received another Android TV update which bought new power controls and bug fixes to the company's streaming telly product.

Shield Experience 9.1.1 is rolling out to all Shield TV devices -- we got ours last night. To be fair we didn't notice much, but Nvidia assures us that there is a new power control option that allows the Shield to wake when the TV input is changed to the Shield input.

New Dolby Vision controls have been added to the developer options, and Nvidia says it has reorganised and cleaned up that menu as well.

There’s an update to the Shield TV app on Android phones which fixes an issue that prevented the app from launching properly on Samsung Galaxy devices.

The full changelog for Shield Experience 9.1.1 includes:

Added power control option to wake SHIELD when TV input changes to SHIELD
A developer option to force Dolby Vision Low Latency if available
Enable if Dolby Vision not properly detected on Philips TVs
Fixes large smb file transfer disconnect issues by disabling anonymous access by virus scanners
Developer option to improve HDMI-CEC volume control for AVR/Soundbars (“Clean up preferred playback logical address”)
General cleanup and re-organisation of developer options
Bug Fixes

It claims to:

fix bugs were where protected content would not play if external storage is connected
Fixes colour accuracy bug when “Default to Rec .709 for HD videos” developer option is enabled
Fixes issue where Automatic Game Mode would be enabled on NVIDIA Games even when disabled
[SHIELD 2019 models] Resolves video crash issue when seeking in quick succession when Dolby Audio Processing is enabled

Fixes bug where files were not detected properly on connected removable storage
Fixes bug when mounting NAS using IP addresses for accounts with empty passwords

Resolves issue where Simplified wake buttons would not power on IR controlled TV
Resolves issue where SHIELD would be unresponsive to BT devices up to 60 seconds after startup
[2015/2017 SHIELD] Resolves MxMaster 3 BT mouse pairing issue
Resolves issue where TV remote would not control SHIELD 30 seconds after waking SHIELD
Resolves some issues where CEC volume control was not functioning properly on AV receivers or soundbars
Resolves issue where Control4 systems would not wake up SHIELD if systems is turned off while Screensaver is active
Resolves issues where UI would be displayed in low resolution for a split second
Fixes bug where user had to select a home app when setting up SHIELD after factory reset or system upgrades
“Enable Dolby Vision” notification will be suppressed after dismissing
Fixes bug where region specific apps would not be visible after disabling
Fixes bug where microphone notification would be displayed on “Ok Google” hotword activation


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