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Nvidia drops the Shield price

by on22 September 2017

Now down to $180

Nvidia has dropped the price of its Android set top box for gamers to a reasonable $180.

The Shield TV was not a bad product when it was first released it in 2015, but was a little pricey. Its updated version cut down on price by bundling the $50 remote in to make the base-tier $200 version more cost-efficient. Now Nvidia is dropping that price down to $180, which is an even better deal.

Nvidia is keeping the $200 tier by bundling in its normally priced $60 controller alongside the included remote. Both of those lower priced options come with 16GB of storage, though the $300 Shield TV Pro model increases that to 500GB. Otherwise, all the Shield set top boxes have the same access to streaming services at 4K HDR quality.

The new remote only Shield is available online for pre-orders now, to ship on 18 October and will expand to select retailers at a later date.

The Tame Apple Press claims that Nvidia's only reason for the price drop is to spoil today's launch of the Apple TV which it probably isn't. 

Nvidia’s set top box offers 4K HDR streaming, with content providers including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, as well as through digital rentals and purchases through the Google Play Store. It’s been doing 4K since the little gadget went on sale earlier this year, too. Those who own one like it. Apple's TV doesn’t offer Amazon Prime streaming  and its YouTube app doesn’t support 4K playback. Nvidia also offers a lot of gamer-focused features, including local streaming from a gaming PC, and its remote has a headphone jack built in for a so-called “private listening” mode.





Last modified on 22 September 2017
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