MediaTek working on ARM for Windows SoC
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Will push it as soon as Qualcomm's exclusivity deal expires

According to a report from Reuters, MediaTek is allegedly working hard on an ARM-based SoC for Windows-based laptops and could launch it as soon as Qualcomm's exclusivity deal expires.

Microsoft suggest buying fewer PCs
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The future is cloudy

Despite it earning its fortune on the back of supplying software for PCs, Microsoft does not think owning such hardware is a good idea anymore.

Intel notes PC back from the dead
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2020 will be the year of Windows on the desktop

Intel's global vice president of client computing sales, Steve Long, is telling the world that he is optimistic about the future of the PC market.

More PCs sold last year
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First annual gain since 2011

While the Tame Apple Press has been patting Apple on the head for killing off the PC and replacing it with the iPhone, it is starting to look like the death of the PC has been greatly exaggerated.

Cincoze releases new fanless PC
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For industrial IoT

Embedded PC maker Cincoze has launched its latest compact fanless computer.

The PC is the most popular gaming platform
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At least among developers

A PC is the most popular gaming platform among developers, and its lead over consoles and mobile is growing.

PC shipments fell throughout 2018
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Trump's trade war and Intel's CPU shortages blamed

Beancounters at Gartner and IDC have both reported falls in PC sales during 2018. They both blame Intel's processor shortages and the trade war with China as the reason shipments declined during the last quarter and across the whole of 2018.

Lenovo’s chairman says worst is over
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We are about to reap rewards of ‘intelligent transformation’

China’s Lenovo Group has begun to see some rewards from the multibillion-dollar acquisitions of IBM’s commodity server business and Google’s Motorola Mobility smartphone unit

Windows on ARM might end up on Chrome
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Microsoft teams up with Google

Microsoft and Google engineers appear to be collaborating to support a version of Chrome running on Windows on ARM.

Microsoft back as a top PC vendor
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Surface doing well

Microsoft broke into the top five list of PC vendors in the US for the first time, thanks to its line of Surface computers, laptops, and tablets.