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MediaTek working on ARM for Windows SoC

by on13 June 2024

Will push it as soon as Qualcomm's exclusivity deal expires

According to a report from Reuters, MediaTek is allegedly working hard on an ARM-based SoC for Windows-based laptops and could launch it as soon as Qualcomm's exclusivity deal expires.

Qualcomm has a neat deal with Microsoft that goes back to 2016, as the two companies signed an exclusivity deal. Now, that Snapdragon X-powered Windows Copilot+ laptops are becoming a big deal, it does not come as a surprise that MediaTek wants a piece of that market. Intel and AMD already have upcoming CPUs lined up to Microsoft Copilot+ requirements, and MediaTek could also hop on that train as well.

Earlier this year, ARM's CEO, Rene Haas, already confirmed that the exclusivity deal between Qualcomm and Microsoft is set to expire this year, and while Qualcomm might have the upper hand, NVIDIA, Intel, AMD, and MediaTek are hot on its heels. Qualcomm's CEO, Cristiano Amon already predicted that an ARM chip will power 50 percent of Windows PCs in five years.

MediaTek's chip could bring more affordable laptops to retail/e-tail shelves.


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