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Chipzilla pushes urgent microcode updates
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Wednesday, 15 November 2023 11:23

Chipzilla pushes urgent microcode updates

Reptar is a high-severity CPU bug

Intel has pushed some microcode updates to fix a high-severity CPU bug that has the potential to be maliciously exploited against cloud-based hosts.

Apple can't fix this bug problem with updates
Published in Mobiles

Although we suspect it will try

A plague of bed bugs has infected the New York cathedral to the Apple gods.

Microsoft to automatically remove botched updates
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Shutting the door after the horse has bolted

Software King of the world Microsoft has penned a bit of software which will automatically remove botched updates.

Windows 10 update machines is churning out more bugs
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QA they have heard of it

Software king of the world Microsoft seems unable to get its Windows 10 operating system updates to work.

Windows 10 will stop randomly re-booting on updates
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Changes to updates

Software King of the World, Microsoft, is finally making some changes to the way Windows Updates are applied to Windows 10 PCs.

Microsoft warns of two Windows mega-updates next year
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Brace yourself

We only just fixed our PC after the Windows 10's Anniversary Update borked our DNS settings, but the software giant is already talking about its future updates for the operating system.


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