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Boffins can see into your brain

by on26 September 2022

It is amazing how you can survive with something so small

Korean Boffins have developed a microscope which can see through your skull and develop a high-resolution 3D imaging of the neural network.

The machine, which so far has been tested on mice, fixes some of the issues that boffins have had reading people's minds (presumably without tarot cards).

Associate Director CHOI Wonshik of the Center for Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics within the Institute for Basic Science, Professor KIM Moonseok of The Catholic University of Korea, and Professor CHOI Myunghwan of Seoul National University managed to quantitatively analyze the interaction between light and matter, which allowed them to further improve their previous microscope.

In this recent study, they reported the successful development of a super-depth, three-dimensional time-resolved holographic microscope that allows for the observation of tissues to a greater depth than ever before.

The new microscope succeeded in obtaining a high-resolution image of the mouse brain's neural network under the skull. This was all achieved in the visible wavelength without removing the mouse skull and without requiring a fluorescent label.

Associate Director CHOI Wonshik said, "For a long time, our Centre has developed super-depth bioimaging technology that applies physical principles. It is expected that our present finding will greatly contribute to the development of biomedical interdisciplinary research including neuroscience and the industry of precision metrology."


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