AST SpaceMobile claims to have sent a 4G signal to earth from space
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Picked up by an ordinary smartphone

AST SpaceMobile claims to have transmitted a 4G LTE signal from space that was picked up by "everyday, off-the-shelf smartphones."

Qualcomm's 8cx outperforms Core i5 8250U
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Computex 19:
While keeping the charge 2x longer

The new Qualcomm 8cx mobile chip is outperforming the Intel i5-8250U chip in speed and power consumption while keeping the fanless design.

Samsung Connect Auto provides LTE to road passengers
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Available on AT&T in Q2 2016

On the eve of Mobile World Congress 2016, Samsung announced a new automotive device enabling all passengers of a moving vehicle to connect to nearby available ultra-fast LTE networks. The device is aimed at providing a convenient way for owners of older cars to add LTE connectivity to their vehicles for anyone using a mobile device and not sitting behind the wheel.

iPhone 7 comes in first half of 2016
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Wednesday, 23 December 2015 10:13

iPhone 7 comes in first half of 2016

Exclusive: Speed will be the killer app

Our well informed sources have confirmed that the iPhone 7 is coming out in the first part of 2016 and not in September like iPhone 5, 5S, 6 or 6S.

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Meanwhile, T-Mobile has fastest 3.5G service


iOS 5.1 also suggests FaceTime over 3G and 4G


LTE bandwidth apparently "not adequate"

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260 million Americans by year's end

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Now covering 74 million Americans

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A5x SoC, Retina Display, 4G LTE confirmed