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Third-gen iPad prohibits FaceTime chat over 4G LTE

by on15 March 2012


LTE bandwidth apparently "not adequate"

Curious Apple product enthusiasts over at The Verge have recently confirmed, upon their in-depth review of the third-generation iPad, that the company's latest tablet does not allow FaceTime video chat over fourth-generation 4G LTE networks, regardless of having a Verizon or AT&T data plan with more than adequate monthly bandwidth allowance.

third-gen ipad lte sim 

Unfortunately, attempting to initiate a FaceTime video call over LTE fails with a message stating that the user must be connected to a WiFi network. Yes, even if you're in an area where 4G LTE speeds are faster than local WiFi speeds, Apple prohibits you from making video calls over fourth-generation wireless networks (because that just makes so much sense, doesn't it).

The average FaceTime video call has been estimated to consume roughly 3MB bandwidth per minute, meaning that even a 15-minute video conversation would only consume 45MB - well under AT&T's lowest 250MB LTE data plan for $14.99/month and well under Verizon's lowest 1GB LTE plan for $20/month. Of course, third-generation iPad reviewers suggest that users can always initate a WiFi hotspot from an LTE-enabled iPad and use it to make a FaceTime call from an iPod touch 4G, iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. But of course, that would require the user to be a true Apple fanatic by having not only a company-branded tablet, but also one of its smartphones.

Last modified on 15 March 2012
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