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Apple squeezes more cash out of iPhone cash cow

by on06 July 2022

Pull the udder one new chips only going to be for top of the range machines

Fruity cargo cult Apple has worked out that the best way to squeeze more cash from its dying iPhone cash cow is to drive users to pricy flagship models.

For a while now the Tame Apple Press has been hyping Jobs’ Mob’s Bionic chips claiming that they will do everything up to and including curing cancer and settling the Middle East crisis. Since people tend to believe what the Tame Apple Press says, this has driven a desire among Apple fanboys to own one of these chips in their phones.

Now it seems the cunning plan is not to put the bionic chips into the regular iPhone 14 models but only in the exclusive to high-end iPhone models such as the upcoming iPhone 14 Pro.

This means that Apple’s overpriced SE and 'non-Pro' models will provide a service that is divisions lower than the 'Pro' models.

Once, the Pro on an iPhone only meant you got a better camera but now the iPhone 13 Pro comes with a 120 Hz panel.  It seems that enough Apple fanboys fell for the difference for Apple to think that a huge difference between the ‘Pro' and 'non-Pro' models will lead to more people buying the premium iPhones, which, in turn, will make the average iPhone price go up.

In the end, of course, Apple fanboys will be their own worst enemies as they will need to pay a lot more to own an iPhone powered by Apple's newest chipset.


Last modified on 06 July 2022
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