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iPhone X breaks on the first drop

by on06 November 2017

Better keep it safe in a nice box at home

The iPhone X is so fragile it will break the first time you drop it

 Cnet has just discovered to its horror that for some reason having two breakable glass surfaces makes the hugely expensive phone rather fragile.

In its breakability tests Cnet found that the glass on either side the iPhone X has more potential surface area to scratch. On the plus side, at least the stainless steel frame should, in theory, be tougher to scuff than the aluminium on previous models.

The tester rubbed the screen with medium grain sandpaper, the scratches were visible, and slightly more pronounced on the Space Gray version. Doing the same on the stainless steel frame left no visible scuffs.

“When I turned over the phones though, I noticed their screens already had some additional tiny dents and scratches just from rubbing up against the ceramic surface I was testing them on. They key test didn't do much, and the sandpaper left a similar mark as on the back glass.”

The drop test from 3 feet (0.9 m) showed showed visible damage.

The back hit first, but it then did a flip and landed screen-side down with the back facing me so the tester could see the damage immediately. The glass from three of the four corners cracked at different degrees of severity and scuffed up the side of the camera mount. The bottom right-hand corner took the biggest hit and had the largest fracture flanking the corner. Even the stainless steel on the frame looked chipped on this side where the phone hit the floor. The top right corner also had a small tear and scuff on the frame, and another tiny bump on the bottom left hand corner of the glass.

If the phone was dropped on the screen it was destroyed.

There were deeper fractures extending diagonally across the entire back of the phone from the impact. There were new cracks on the bottom edge of the screen.

Everything still worked fine, but this iPhone X definitely looked banged up.

Of course Cnet loves Apple, so the writer did not warn users not to waste their money on such a lemon. Instead he advised wasting more money on Apple’s insurance.  A better solution would be to save money, and buy a phone at half the cost which is a little more robust.


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