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iPhone 8 may not actually exist

by on10 March 2017

It is just a figment of your sad, limited imagination

One of the sillier iPhone 8 rumours to hit the streets crossed our desk this morning. It claims that the iPhone 8 might not actually exist.

For months now the Tame Apple Press has been telling us about all sorts of things which are going to be in the iPhone 8 which is expected to hit the shops in September, unless something goes wrong.

But now the Japanese blog Mac Otakara claims what will appear in September is a fake iPhone 8 and will instead be an iPhone Edition. In other words, it might look like an iPhone 8 but because Apple is not calling it an iPhone 8 the fruity cargo cult is not saddled with the responsibility of coming up with any new technology.

Instead the iPhone Edition brand will just be a super expensive $1,000 version of the disappointing iPhone 7. So basically nothing to see here move on please. It will just be an opportunity for Apple’s richer fanboys to hand over an additional $300 for a phone that they already own.

Mac Otakara also claims Apple is still testing several different prototypes for the new flagship iPhone so if you see anything claiming to be an iPhone 8 it is unlikely to be the real McCoy.

Last modified on 10 March 2017
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