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FBI helps cops unlock another iPhone

by on31 March 2016

FBI untouchable while iPhone wide open 

The FBI is really rubbing it into Apple by offering to unlock some Apple gear for coppers investigating a murder.

Apple made a huge mistake by declaring its iPhone impossible to hack without rewriting the operating system to include a backdoor. It then went to court to defend its right not to do this. In the end the FBI found a fairly straight forward hack to do it and did not need Apple’s help. Now everytime it uses the hack it shows up how insecure Apple's security system really is.

Not having enough cases of its own to show Apple up, it has offered to help police in Arkansas unlock an iPhone and iPod belonging to two teenagers accused of killing a couple. Yep, it looks like the hack can also take down iPods.

The judge agreed to postpone the Arkansas case on 28 March to allow prosecutors to ask the FBI for help.

Hunter Drexler, 18, and Justin Staton, 15, are accused of killing Robert and Patricia Cogdell at their home in Conway, Arkansas last July.

Faulkner County prosecuting attorney Cody Hilland said that "We always appreciate [the FBI's] cooperation and willingness to help their local law enforcement partners.

However Drexler’s attorney said she was not “not concerned" about any data on the phone.

The Tame Apple Press is trying to spin this claiming that now that the FBI has a backdoor it can hack any phone it likes. It is not asking why Apple forced the FBI to find a backdoor to its software in the first place.

It is understood that Apple is hoping that it can legally force the FBI to hand over details of its backdoor so Jobs’ Mob can close it. That would force the FBI to either find another backdoor or have another round of court battles with Apple.

Our guess is that the FBI will use this backdoor to make a mockery of Apple’s security for as long as it can, just to make the outfit squirm.

Last modified on 31 March 2016
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