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iOS 9.0 gets speed security improvements

by on17 September 2015

iOS 9.0 a third of the size

Our US readers started getting the notifications on their iPhones and iPads that Apple's new  iOS 9 is available. EU phones including the one around here didn’t get the push notification.

The new iOS 9 brings a slightly updated design for the iPhone users and it will make Siri smarter. This is definitely a good thing since Siri was never as smart and helpful as you wanted. Google Now could answer much more questions compared to Siri. 

The Siri can now search a wider range of topics. The sentence "show my photos from Utah last August" or "Remind me about this when I get home" will yield with a better result as Siri will know both bits of information. Siri can tell you where the Whole Foods store and it can trigger the reminder when you get to your car.

Apple claims faster performance and better security with this update. We wonder how long is it going to take for jailbreakers to crack the iOS open.

Apple promises that the battery should last longer than with the iOS 8.0 and thinks it will give up to 1 hour of additional time before needing charging.

One of the biggest improvements is that the OS decreased in size by a third. The iOS 9.0 is now 1.3GB down from 4.58GB with iOS 8.0. This will make life much easier for people with 16GB phones. There is an Android migration application, for everyone who wants to defect.

iPad owners will get something called Multi-tasking. People with Windows OS, Linux or Android have had it for ages.  Apple users have just been waiting for Apple to invent it first. For those who came in late, multitasking allows you to run two applications side by side.



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