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iPhone 6 cloned already

by on16 July 2014

Not even hit the shops

It seems that the design for the iPhone6 is so predictable, and what will be under the bonnet so lacking in innovation, that the Chinese cloners have already put out their version.

A Chinese manufacturer has created a model of the iPhone 6 based on the numerous rumours and leaks surrounding the handset and it turns out that it does not take much. The knock-off has most of the standard iPhone features, with a few shortcuts which we would not expect Apple to make such as screen misalignment, protruding cameras and missing Touch ID sensors.

It does not run iOS but a skinned version of Android designed to resemble the Apple platform. We are not saying it is the same or better than what Apple will produce, just pointing that there is only so much you can do with a smartphone and it does not look like the iPhone6 will push any envelops. 

You can see it in action after the break.

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