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Samsung releases second part of Alien commercial

by on17 July 2014

Even worse than the first one

There is no doubt that Samsung is quite successful in fighting Apple and even the rest of the Android camp. It came up with great phones filled with unnecessary bloatware and it spends billions of dollars on marketing to make its brand cool.

Apple is mainly doing classy TV commercials simply as Steve Jobs believed in tasteful marketing and it turns out that it works for them. Samsung created website and a few videos where it makes the planet earth soccer team that is supposed to play soccer. The future of earth is at stake.

Samsung picked a team of superstars including Rooney (England), Ronaldo (Portugal), Messi (Argentina), Götze (Germany) as well as some of the most popular players from some key markets where Samsung wants to sell. We were puzzled by the fact that the Galaxy 11 team has 13 team members and is “coached” by German legend Franz Beckenbauer.

In the first video aliens come to earth and they want to play soccer for our planet and in the second part that went public just recently the match takes place and guess what, we win.

In an awful 3D animated video we look how athletic, tall and fast aliens lose against all odds to our top team. Some markets including USA won't even care about this multimillion commercial as they don’t really follow European football. The 3D animation are not even close to realistic, it was done like Samsung wanted you to see it’s animated, and it is done bad.


The video is supposed to promote the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy 5 phones as well as the Gear 2 smartwatch. We encourage you to watch the videos just to see how spending a few millions on a commercial doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a great ad. One example of great video from which Samsung can learn is a Volvo commercial with two trucks and action star Jean Claude Van Damme and it probably cost just a fraction of Galaxy 11 video embarrassment.

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