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HTC Extreme Power Save comes with next update

by on04 April 2014

15 hours on 5, 2 weeks on 100 percent

Once you see the HTC One M8 in person, you will instantly be able to tell that the build quality is top notch, one of the best if not the best on the market. It looks like it is higher quality than the iPhone 5S and with its curves it reminds us of the Nokia E71 that had a similar aluminium finish, nice curves and great, sturdy look and feel.

One of HTC's secret weapons is the Extreme Power Save mode that was demonstrated last night in Vienna, at HTC's local launch event. HTC tells us that there will be a software update coming shortly to enable this clever feature for early adopters. On a 100 percent charge you can expect the 2 weeks of battery life in standby, at 20 percent it will last 60 hours at 10 percent charge 30 hours and at 5 percent it will last for 15 hours. Of course extreme power savings enforces some limitations and it will tune the brightness down, turn the data off if you don’t use it at that time but these impressive numbers such as two weeks battery life will be achievable for people who will mainly focus on basic functionality such as texting and calling. Most people do not - but it's a handy feature for frequent travellers.

We are anxious to see how it works in the real world. If it lives up to the promise of delivering hours of standby on a 5 percent battery charge, HTC will solve a big problem facing many smarpthones. Getting that important call even after a long day at work will be possible without a DC charger.

HTC also told us that user will be able to choose the settings when the extreme power saving kicks in, it won’t be black and white, but it should do the job.

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