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Silver and gold HTC One M8 expected soon

by on04 April 2014

A month or so

We had a chance to see the Austrian introduction of the new HTC One (M8) and to spend some time with the device. At the HTC One presentation we had a chance to learn that the first SKU to hit the market is the grey version. It will start selling today, April 4th.

Prices start at €679 and it is available at a few places in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, arguably the biggest market after the US for premium manufacturers. The most successful M7 HTC One 2013 version was the silver one, but people also wanted to get the gold one. We learned that it will take a few weeks, probably more than a month, before we see the silver or gold HTC One M8 in retail. At this time there are no plans for new colours like red and blue we saw last year 2013.

We could not find out what is the cause of the delay, as we were expecting all versions to go on sale shortly after the official launch. We can report that the new unibody aluminium shell looks more expensive and higher quality than the 2013 HTC One M7. We can only suspect that it is harder to manufacture enough of these nice looking bodies in gold and silver but they will be coming in a month or so, confirms HTC.

Granted, that's not much of a delay, but we suspect quite a few HTC fans and potential early adopters won't be pleased. On the upside, the new HTC One is worth the wait.

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