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Samsung hits Apple fans with the truth

by on24 November 2011

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Blinded by marketing

It is rare that we agree with any form of marketing or an advert but one being shown by Samsung seems to have hit the spot. The Galaxy S II ad presents hard core Apple fans as lemmings who are so blinded by marketing that they can’t acknowledge a superior phone.

The ad, which was set to premiere on Facebook Tuesday evening and then hit TV on Thanksgiving in the US, doesn’t mention Apple or the iPhone 4S by name. It just shows fans are shown lining up outside an Apple Store-like location nine hours before it opens.

“Someone just left,” says one woman. “Why would they be leaving when we’re only nine hours away?” asks her male companion. “Uh oh,” says another guy in line, reading off his phone. “The blogs are saying the battery looks sketchy.” Then a cool group of young men and women come into the line’s view sporting a Samsung Galaxy S II. One guy haughtily dismisses it because he thinks he is creative. His mate points out that he is a barrister and not at all creative. The ad also makes much of the S II’s 4G compatibility available on US versions of the phone (iPhones are still on 3G).

It is not he first time that ad people have tried to attack Apple's cargo cult followers. SanDisk called them “iSheep” in 2006 when it took on the iPod’s dominance in the portable MP3 player category. Motorola used a piss take of the iconic “1984” Mac ad which showed Apple followers as clueless robots.

None of these work of course, because Apple fanboys see buying their toys as a religion and therefore feel it is ok to be persecuted because only they know the true way. (Check out the video after the break and I'm sorry a certain narcoholic did not post it in the first place. sub.ed.)

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