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iPhone owners display stunning brand loyalty

by on25 November 2011

Told you it was a cult

A new survey has revealed a shocking fact. Most iPhone users are loyal to their brand and they plan to replace their phone with a brand new iPhone.

Some 84 percent said they would not change platforms, which makes me one of the 16 percent who would, as I’m selling mine right now. Next time I join a cult, remind me to find one that allows polygamy, other than Mormonism.

Android users are a bit more promiscuous, but still 60 percent of them say they would stick to Android. RIM users seem to be quite open minded and 48 percent of them would stick with Blackberries.

Overall about 63 percent of all smartphone users say they won’t change platforms next time they upgrade. Still, this leaves a lot of room for migration to other operating systems, including Windows Phone.

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