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Nokia did consider other options

by on16 February 2011

RIM was apparently not interested
With all of the news about Nokia jumping ship for Windows Phone 7, many have been wondering what other options Nokia might have considered. Our sources are confirming that a report for TechCrunch Europe is accurate, as apparently Nokia did consider Android, as well as the BlackBerry OS, before choosing to go with Windows Phone 7.

From what we have been able understand, RIM was not interested in any sort of a sort of a licensing deal or partnership, which left Nokia with two options. There were many things that Nokia wanted to change about the Android OS if they were going to use it and Google apparently refused to allow Nokia to make changes.

In the end, this is apparently how Nokia ended up choosing the Windows Phone 7, and this could be just the big fish that Microsoft needed to land in order to get additional visibility for the Windows Phone 7 OS. Nokia has some very good design and engineering and could produce some very nice Windows Phone 7 models that could be much different and better than what is currently available.

We will just have to wait and see if this is the decision to finally get Nokia back in the game as a contender.

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