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Shadow Warrior 2 brings new Nvidia stuff

by on14 October 2016

Among other Nvidia GameWorks visual effects

Shadow Warrior 2 is already out and has been getting some really good reviews and it appears that there are plenty of graphics effects including support for plenty of Nvidia GameWorks effects including support for Multi-Res Shading, which is a first for a non-VR PC game.

According to Nvidia's rather extensive blog post, Shadow Warrior 2 bring support for nearly two-dozen graphics settings and support for DSR, GeForce Experience Share, G-SYNC, HDR, SLI, Surround and Ultra Wide Screen and is actually the first even non-VR title that has support for Multi-Res Shading (MRS).

The Multi-Res Shading feature can project images into multiple viewports on a display while adjusting the resolution of each display independently and while this increased performance in VR titles like Everest VR, Raw Data and some other titles, it actually improves performance by up to 30 percent, allowing users to get to a higher resolution with less hardware power.

nvidia shadowwarriorMRS 2

Practically, the Multi-Res Shading somewhat cheats as it adds a border that is rendered in 60 percent resolution, or precisely, 40 percent lower resolution than the center main part of the screen. For example, if you are playing the game at 3840x2160 (4K/UHD) resolution, the MSR border is rendered at 2304x1296 resolution.

nvidia shadowwarriorMRS 1

While this somewhat drops the quality, it also allows you to get the main part of the game in much higher resolution. Nvidia recommends that MRS is used at higher resolutions where the MSR border is far less noticeable. Shadow Warrior 2 has two MRS settings, Conservative and Aggressive, which simply add more or less border.

Currently, Multi-Res Shading only works on Geforce 9- and 10-series Geforce graphics cards but we are sure that Nvidia will enable it on older GPUs as well.

In case you missed it earlier, Nvidia is also giving away over US $50,000 worth of Shadow Warrior 2 codes to random registered gamers of Geforce Experience 3.0, so you might want to download it in case you are running on Geforce hardware.


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