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Film yourself opening Amazon packages

by on18 January 2023

iPhone buyer got dog food instead

Consumers are being warned to film themselves opening Amazon deliveries after a Salisbury man's £1,300 iPhone was switched for a packet of dog food.

Ian Burton bought the phone on 4 December to replace his daughter's device but received a packet of Naturo which did not impress her friends when she waved it under their noses -- although to be fair they were not impressed with an iPhone either.

But it appears that the US retail giant refused to refund the sum because Burton had signed for the delivery. In fact, it insisted that the dog food was an iPhone until it was approached by the BBC's You and Yours consumer programme.

But Amazon told him because he had accepted the parcel and given the courier a passcode, and the fact the dog food weighed the same as an iPhone, then he must have received the iPhone.

Burton said something within Amazon's security systems was "obviously wrong" if a high-value piece of technology could be replaced with dog food.

He said that he had reported it to the police, but was told Amazon would need to investigate if the switch had occurred at one of its fulfilment centres and then refer it to the relevant force.

Amazon promised they would be conducting a "comprehensive review to identify any areas of improvement" with the findings sent "to the appropriate leadership team".

Tech journalist and consumer champion David McClelland said recommends that when consumers order high-value items from Amazon, they film the packaging for any signs of tampering, and film themselves opening it.


Last modified on 18 January 2023
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