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Musk threatened staff who called the authorities on him

by on12 December 2022

You have been assimilated and will comply 

Supreme Twit Elon [look at me] Musk is furious that Twitter staff have been calling authorities to investigate his dubious antics since taking over the company.

Last week, staff called up city planners when Musk started installing beds in offices so that staff could pull all-nighters to meet his deadlines.

Now he is threatening to sue Twitter employees who “leak” such “confidential information” to the authorities.

In an email to the Twitter staff, he warned against feeding detailed information to the media. Musk is also asking the employees to sign a pledge to confirm that they have understood the terms. He said such acts could amount to violating the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that employees signed at the time of joining Twitter.

Interpreted by the Musk, the NDA requires staff to act in the companies interests and reporting any illegal antics to the authorities clearly was not in his Twitter’s interests.

According to Platformer journalist Zoë Schiffer, Musk had sent out a clear warning against media leaks which was ironically leaked to her.

“Breaking your word by sending detailed info to the media with the intent to harm Twitter will receive the response it deserves,” Musk wrote.

Accordingly, Musk is said to have given Twitter employees as deadline until 5 pm at the end of the day on Saturday to respond to his email.


Last modified on 12 December 2022
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