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Republicans back mobile message spam

by on24 May 2017

It is what the corporates want

As part of making America Great again, the Republicans are sponsoring a bill which will allow corporations to leave sales messages on your mobile phone.

The GOP's leading campaign and fundraising arm, the Republican National Committee, has quietly thrown its support behind a proposal at the Federal Communications Commission that would pave the way for marketers to auto-dial consumers' mobile phones and leave them prerecorded voicemail messages.

The method will mean that your devices will never ring, but you will think you have a message you have to listen to.

Under current federal law, telemarketers and others, like political groups, aren't allowed to launch robocall campaigns targeting mobile phones unless they first obtain a consumer's written consent.

Corporations insist that "ringless voicemail" is different because it is technically doesn't qualify as a phone call in the first place.

They have been lobbying politicians saying that they shouldn't need a customer or voter's permission if they want to auto-dial mobile voicemail inboxes in bulk pre-made messages about a political candidate, product or cause.

They want the FCC to rule, once and for all, that they're in the clear. Their argument, however, has drawn immense opposition from consumer advocates.

Last modified on 24 May 2017
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