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FCC approves Amazon’s Kuiper constellation
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Blotting out the sun

The Federal Communications Commission has approved Amazon’s plans for its Kuiper constellation, which entails sending 3,236 satellites into orbit to beam internet coverage down to Earth.

Trump has cunning plan to regulate social media
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 FCC to change the law

US President Donald Trump is going to make sure that censoring him on social media will open a door to massive civil law suits.

Google Pixel 4a is at the US FCC stage
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Friday, 26 June 2020 11:52

Google Pixel 4a is at the US FCC stage

Might actually hit the shops soon

While some have started to wonder if the Pixel 4a will end up as vapourware, a new piece of evidence suggests that it might launch sooner rather than later.

FCC unsure it can meet Trump’s social media demands
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Can’t really take away tech firms' legal protection

Republican Federal Communications Commissioner Mike O'Rielly said he's unsure whether his agency has the authority to carry out President Donald Trump's executive order targeting tech firms' legal protections.

FCC can't censor Twitter before the election
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Moot point if it can ever

US President Donald [shooting starts when the looting starts] Trump’s attempts to force social media to carry his words of wisdom face an uphill battle from regulators who have said they cannot oversee the conduct of internet firms.

FCC warns about smart padlock which isn’t
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Wednesday, 08 April 2020 11:03

FCC warns about smart padlock which isn’t

Tapplock blasted

An electronic padlock which unlocks with a fingerprint or an app connected by Bluetooth to your phone does not work, according to the FCC.

FCC told to hold proper net neutrality consultations
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Told to ask people if neutrality repeal has harmed public safety

While the FCC successfully defeated Mozilla's attempt to undo the commission's repeal of net neutrality, the courts have ordered the watchdog to hold public investigations into whether repealing the law to prevent a multi-speed internet has had any negative consequences.

Huawei contests Pai's decision
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Friday, 29 November 2019 11:25

Huawei contests Pai's decision

Put up or shut up

Huawei has decided to challenge a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decision barring rural carrier customers from tapping an $8.5 billion government fund to purchase equipment from the Chinese company.

US FCC is the very definition of “corruption.”
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Democratic presidential candidate wades into Pai

A panel that provides policy advice to the Federal Communications Commission is “stacked with corporate insiders”, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren has moaned.

Senior member of Trump’s FCC jailed for fraud
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Broadband chairman lacked fibre

The former head of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) has been jailed for  five years for defrauding investors.