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Drone maker threatens its own users

by on24 May 2017

Hand over private data or we will brick your toys

The maker of expensive drones, DJI is threatening to brick users gadgets if they don’t hand over their personal data. on its website.

According to the Sun, DJI drones, which cost between $1,200 and $3,000, will not be able to fly to their full potential or beam back footage if their owners don't sign up next week.

If you don’t hand over your details you can only fly within a 50m radius and only up to 30m.

The company said on its website: "DJI will soon introduce a new application activation process for international customers. This new step, to take effect at the end of next week, ensures you will use the correct set of geospatial information and flight functions for your aircraft, as determined by your geographical location and user profile. All existing flight safety limitations, such as geofencing boundaries and altitude limits, remain the same. Even if you have registered when activating your aircraft upon purchase, you will have to log in once when you update the new version of DJI GO or GO 4 App."

Seems a bit unfair that after you have handed over your money the company thinks it can extort personal data from you. It is not as if knowing the drone's home address is going to make much difference, it is not as if it is going to fly home by itself.


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