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Windows 10 pop-up invades Japanese bill-boards

by on06 April 2016

Call Godzilla

Microsoft’s continued obsession with forcing users to upgrade to Windows 10 is starting to break things.

In Japan, a billboard which should have been showing advertising was suddenly hijacked by a Windows pop-up calling for the user to upgrade. Of course since it was a billboard, the advertising was destroyed by the Windows 10 pop-up.

Pop-ups like this are the sort of reason you buy security software, but you can’t do that when your operating system is acting like a virus. As Twitter pointed out the billboard was actually attacked by a Windows 10 Update pop-up.

Japanese Twitters had a few thoughts on the photo.

  • “But still I’d click no.@
  • “Oh, shut up, Windows!”
  • “It’s going to just keep popping up until you update!!”
  • “This has really risen to a threatening level...”
  • “Hey, maybe it’s an advertisement for Windows 10!”
  • “I bet they were just trying to get publicity on Twitter.”
  • “It’s like cyber-terrorism.”
  • “The update started on me when I was in the middle of a presentation before, so I can’t really laugh...”

Microsoft really has to understand that this forced upgrade thing is costing it PR rather than gaining new customers. I have a Windows 10 reminder on my Lenovo media centre, the only problem is that even if I wanted to install it, there is a competent that Windows 10 does not like and the whole lot crashes. But still the reminder is unsatisfied.

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