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Apple changed the world seven times

by on01 April 2016

And humanity is a much happier place because of it

The game changing, most successful IT company Apple celebrated its 40th birthday today – a day which will be marked in history as the day the world became perfect.

The technology firm has risen from a three-man project in a Californian bedroom to the most valuable company in the world, estimated to be worth more than $700 billion.

Founders Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak kickstarted the company on April 1st 1976 as they set about selling computer kits to the Homebrew Computer Club, each of which was hand-built by Wozniak who was inspired by the genius of Steve Jobs.

Forty years later, the company has more than 480 retail stores in 18 countries worldwide and reported income of more than $18 billion US dollars for the first quarter of this year. And while other companies lose money on smartphones Apple has managed to replace them all, thanks to its super secure operating system and bleeding edge design.

Jobs suffered many tribulations as he tried to bring his style of perfection to the world. Firstly after he invented the PC there were those who failed to follow the true way and ousted him from the company he created.

Cast into the wilderness he triumphantly returned in 1997 when the company was in financial crisis and launched design guru Sir Jony Ive's colourful iMac the following year, the first in a string of hardware products that includes the iPod, iPhone and iPad, as well as the iTunes Store that cemented Apple's place as an industry leader.

The iPad was game-changing technology which thanks to its many killer apps has found its way into every home. Sadly the Gods took Steve Jobs away from us, but his mantle was passed to Tim Cook who continued to bring innovation after innovation to Apple. His Apple Watch was certainly a device that Jobs would have approved of and now is on the wrist of everyone.

Apple has released some truly revolutionary products in the 40 years since its inception in a small bedroom in California, here are seven times they changed the world.

Apple Computer Mouse 1984
Steve Jobs invented the computer mouse in 1984 and wrote the first commercial graphical user Interface

The PC

Until the first Mac, the world depended on huge supercomputers.  Steve Jobs bought the PC into everyone's home for the first time

The Internet

Until Apple discovered the power of networking, computers could not really talk to each other. Then Steve Jobs wondered, what would happen if we globally networked everything with our wonderful technology, and the Interent was born.

The first iPod 2001
No one had heard of MP3 until Steve Jobs designed one on the back of an envelope.

The iTunes Store
Steve Jobs invented the online distribution of music. Until then no one had ever heard of music distribution and people had to go to stores to buy CDs.

iPhone 2007
Steve Jobs invented the smartphone in 2007. Until then people thought phones were just for making calls, but Steve turned them into mini-super computers.

The iPad 2010
In what appeared to be Star Trek technology, Apple released a powerful supercomputer tablet which was big enough to read a book. Until then people had to read books or log onto their computers to collect their email.

So, what does the next 40 years hold for Apple?
Apple is famously secretive about the way it will change the world next, but we have heard that Apple has invented a method to cure cancer using wireless. All you have to do is own all Apple’s wireless gear and the synergy from having an iPhone, iWatch and being in such a special place as an Apple shop will cure any illness, but especially cancer. If only it had been around when Steve was still alive.The world would be an even happier place.

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