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Apple exterminates Greek users

by on06 July 2015

You can't afford us any more, see ya

While Greece is worried about having to give all their cash to the Germans, at least they will not have to worry about its citizens wasting their money on Apple's latest musical gimmick.

Apple has decided that if you live in Greece you simply do not have enough money to be of any interest and is banning anyone from the birthplace of democracy using its Apple Play service.

To be fair, it is not exactly Apple's fault. Many internet services now unavailable due to restrictions on the use of credit cards, but of course the only one which is of any interest to the Tame Apple Press is Jobs' Mob..

Payments made using Greek credit cards to online services based outside the country are basically blocked so Apple's AppStore and PayPal is shut down.

Greek users of Apple's iTunes have said they are being blocked from buying songs that cost only €0.99, because the sale counts as money leaving the country.

iPhone owners are also getting blocked from downloading apps.But Apple seems to be taking it further and is refusing to update Apps that users have already purchased. We guess it just does not want poor people using its gear.

Apple's iCloud service are no longer getting through. Journalists at Bloomberg News's Athens bureau have already reported that they have seen their iCloud package downgraded from 20GB to 5GB because they are unable to make a monthly payment worth just €0.99.

Of course Apple could make a lot of friends in the country by waiving payments until the bank freeze was over, but that would mean that it would have to be nice to its users.

Meanwhile Greek iPhone users will just have to find better free services to use from sites which don't insist on a high cash content.

Of course if Apple had paid its taxes in Greece rather than funnelling payments though tax havens, Greece might not be as broke as it is. 

Last modified on 06 July 2015
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