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Google allows you to download your entire search history

by on22 April 2015

Now you will know what the NSA does

While there has been some controversy about search engines handing over histories to the cops, it appears that Google is allowing people do download their entire history and export it.

Google will now let you download and export your entire search history.

Users just need to go to their Google Account history and then hit the gear icon in the upper right corner and hit "download."

A user's search history will only appear for the time that they have enabled the Web history setting.
Once a user opts to download their history, a window appears warning the user not to download the archive on a public computer. It also states that Google will email the user once the archive is ready.

The email displays search history as JSON files organized chronologically by quarter. These can be downloaded as zip files to a desktop.

The good thing is that you can find all those websites that you had forgotten to book mark a few years ago.

You can also find out why the NSA has started tailing you and you keep getting calls from strange Arabic types trying to convince you that your life would be better if you strapped explosives to yourself and let off a bomb in Tescos.

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