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Amazon wants to beat Chromecast with a Fire TV Stick

by on28 October 2014

$19 for prime users $39 for rest

Amazon has realised that the Chromecast was one of the most successful products ever to come from the house of Google. This inexpensive USB stick stole thunder from Miracast devices and offered a trade-off solution for people who wanted to connect its Google powered device with HDMI powered TV.

Now Amazon has come up with something of its own.

amazon fireTVstick 2

Amazon Fire TV Stick is, as the name implies, a HDMI stick that you plug in your HDMI port on your TV. It needs a USB power to run. Amazon’s HDMI TV stick has a bit more grunt and has a dual core processor inside, 1GB memory as well as 8GB of flash storage. It also uses dual band / dual antenna (MIMO) wireless and ships with a remote.

amazon fireTVstick 3

Its main competitor Chromecast has a single core, 512 MB memory, 2GB storage, has no dual band of dual antenna and comes without remote.

Amazon claims that it has 200 games ready for Fire TV Stick users and you can buy a controller for your gaming experience. Voice search is also available with additional remote controller. Amazon is using quite bold statement for its voice search technology "Voice search that actually works."

amazon fireTVstick 1

Users who like more power would be better off with the Amazon Fire TV as you get a quad core CPU with better GPU, 2GB memory vs 1 GB with the stick, included voice search support remote, support for high performance games (yeah right), Ethernet, optical audio connector all of what Fire TV Stick is missing. However Fire TV sells for $99 and matches the price of Google Nexus Player.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is selling for $39 for non prime customers and for the next two days Amazon prime customers can get this stick for $19. The earliest pre-orders will ship on November 19th in the US while due to a popular demand, it might take a bit longer for civilized countries to get one.

amazon fireTVstick 4

This is another tool which makes watching Netflix, Hulu plus or Amazon prime video a bit easier as well as listening Pandora or watching funny videos on YouTube. It comes with a nice price too.

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