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Amazon's latest worker perk: Imagination

by on15 March 2024

Oh, the places you can go

In a move that's sure to have employees jumping for joy (in their heads, at least), Amazon has introduced a revolutionary new workplace initiative: daydreaming.

A worker in one of Amazon's fulfilment centres sent 404 Media a photo they took of a screen imploring them to try "savouring" the idea of something that makes them happy -- as in, not being at work, surrounded by robots and packages.

That's right, folks. Why bother improving working conditions when you can offer a free trip to la-la land instead?

Amazon's fulfilment centres are now doubling as zen gardens where workers can "savour" the sweet taste of escapism. The instructions are simple: close your eyes, think happy thoughts, and pretend you're anywhere but working for Amazon.

The best part is that the management has presented this sage advice in a design so basic that it'll look like something I draw using PowerPoint. There's a bunch of white space and a stock illustration of a faceless person in an Amazon vest. An anthropomorphic stack of Amazon packages with wheels and arms is urging him on.

Forget about human interaction; Amazon's got something better! Meet your new motivational coach: a stack of boxes with a smile that says, "I'm going places, and you're coming with me!" Who needs colleagues when you've cardboard companions who are fun to be with?

And Amazon's got you covered with a handy countdown timer for those who struggle with time. Ten seconds of pure, unadulterated joy before it's back to the grind. So, take a deep breath, folks. Your mini vacation awaits, courtesy of your favourite e-commerce giant.


Last modified on 15 March 2024
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